zondag 11 juli 2021


  Hi everyone!

Today I will share a secret card with you. I made it in advance for my younger DS. I will offer it the day he will receive officially his first diploma that give him the right to go to the university. 

For that, I wanted to have some fun in the card. That is why I used the surprise wheel stencil and the surprise wheel stamps.

To decorate this card,I used the Bamboo Jambo paperset (the green are handsome!) . I added some bamboos to make a kind of forest, a mushroom, a gnome.
And now, the fun's starting!

Turn the wheel and another message appear! So great! I know he will love it! 

* 6002/1627, Cutting stencils, Surprise wheel
* 6002/1628, Cut, Emboss stencils, Bamboos
* 6002/1564, Cutting stencils, Mixed up tape.
* 6410/0531, Clear stamp set, Surprise Wheel
* 6002/1622, Cutting stencil, Grass no end border
* 6011/0676, Design paper set, bamboos Jambo   
* 6002/1372, Cutting stencils, Mushrooms
* 6002/1402, Cutting stencils, Gnomes

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