zondag 2 mei 2021


 Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share a very nice spring card made with the new bird and flowers stencil (6002/1615) and the famous Angel frames and border.

I choose as paper for the background the Funfair paper set (6011/0667) because I love the blue sky with little clouds. 
Then I used black paper, white paper and white paper inked for the leaves.
The bird and flowers are inked with watercolors. 
The frames are glued with the glue dots sheets.


* 6002/1615, Cut Emboss Deboss stencil, Birds & Flowers
* 6011/0667, Design paper set, Fun Fair
* 6002/1571, Cut Deboss Stencil, Twig with leaves 
* 6002/1599, Cutting stencils, Angel Frames
* 6002/1604, Cutting stencil, Angel border
* 6002/1579, Cut Emboss Deboss stencil, Autumn Hedgehog
* 8013/0161, white paper set, 15x30cm
* 8099/0251, Black paper set, A5
* 6500/0035, Glue dots sheets A4

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