maandag 2 juli 2018

Ice cream card

Hi everyone!

What about a ice cream summer card today?
I am a fan of the new "Vintage soul" paperset from Joy!crafts. I love the colors, the pattern, evething!
I wanted to do a nice and soft card, with girly colors, for my mom, so I mixed up the "Vintage soul" paperseet with some light brown paper. 

To complete the girly thema, I glue the fantasy border all around the card. 

The labels are made with the scrap peel and stick template, inked on light paper, the cut.

This sticky template is very great to use: because it's sticky, it isn't go away when you're ink, and because it' made to be peel, it doesn't damage the paper you're inked.

·         6011/0568, Paperset, Vintage Soul
·         6002/0528, Cutting Embosstencil, basic with holes
·         6002/1107, Scrap Cuttingstencils, triangles
·         6004/0027, Stencils & stamps, CC, Icecreams
·         6002/5003, Scrap Peel&stick, labels
·         6002/1099, Cutting embosstencil, Noor!, Border blue fantasy
·         6002/0948, Cuttingstencil, lovely frame, Spirocircle

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Je krijgt zin in een ijsje met deze prachtige kaart! Groetjes Betha

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