donderdag 29 maart 2018

Multi pages scrapbook layout

Hi everyone!

Today I would lie to show you how to do a multiples pages in scrapbooking with the new Joy!crafts scrapbooking template.

This is an whole of 7 layouts, like a chapter in a book, telling about a whole day.

Page 1:

As you can see on the photo, there are other pages hiding behind this one.

To do this layout, take a cream paper 12”x12” and cut it following the shape of the template as you can see on the aside figure.

I did glue only 2 photos on this first page.
The photos are cut to includ the circle I did cut in the background paper.

To decorate the layout, I choose to glue some papers, some die cut and ink some shapes.

For the inking, put the template on the layout, protect the photos with masking tape and ink the part you of your choise of the template.

Pages 2 & 3:

The page 3 is a little bit higher than the page 1 and this time I did cut the background paper around the circle to have it completly. For that, I did turn around the template to draw the circle.

Again on this layout, I inked some part  (protecting the photos with masking tape), and decorate with die cuts.

Pages 4 & 5:

I really like the page 5. I like the grid I did cut following the template once again.

First I did draw the part I wanted to cut with a pencil, then I did cut with a sharp knife the parts.

I inked the little pieces of paper I did remove and glue them on the top of the layout.

Like that, I have a kind of circle frame on the layout.

Pages 6 & 7:

On these pages, there are 14 photos!
In fact, on the page 6, the photos are glued on folded paper that makes like a mini album in the layout.
The same on the page 7.
For the last layout, I used the template a unusual way:

I hope you did like this set of layout and you'll have now plenty of ideas to try with this new scrapbooking template from Joy!craft.

-          6002/0857, Scrapbooking stencil circle
-          6002/0987, Cuttingstencil – Square Butterfly with frame
-          6002/1029, Cuttingstencils – Decorative corners
-          6002/1030, Corner Old Bricks stone & wall
-          6011/0559, Paperset A4, Design Feeling crabby
-          6002/0941, Cuttingstencil, Swirleaves
-          6002/0972, Cut embossingstencil, Floral Florishes, Chrysanthemum
-          8013/0031, Paper for cardmaking, crème, 30x30
-          6200/0028, craft knife

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