vrijdag 26 januari 2018

Aster Card

Hi everyone!

Here is a new year card made with the new aster's die from Joy!crafts.
I started to die cut the die 3 times in the background, just the flower part of the die.
I used the matchingcoolors paper set. What you need to knwo is that tha paper sheet are one color on one side and a little bit daker on the other side.

So I did cut the foreground flower in the same paper that the background but on the daker side.
That's how I got this nice tone on tone effect.

The florwers that are in the corner were stamped again on the same paper and cut and glue on 3D foam.

·         6002/1016, Cut debosstencil – Aster Duchess
·         6011/0546, Paperset, Matchingcolors uni, Wellness
·         6410/0459, Clearstamp, Parrot and Flowers
·         6002/0962, Cuttingstencil, Back and Feston
·         6002/0933, Cut embosstencil, Crikel & corner Flash
·         8013/0023, Paper for cardmaking cardstock white

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