zondag 6 augustus 2017

Birthday card...

Hi everyone!

The new blending mat is very fun to use with oxide inks.
The birthday car I am sharing with you today use a wet ink techniq.

To do this card, first I inked some white paper:
1- inked the blending pad with 2 oxide ink colors
2- spray some water to oxide the inks
3- put the white paper on it
4- dry the paper with a hot gun
5- Start again until you'll like the background

Make enough paper to decorate the card and to die cut the butterflies.

Inside the card, is 3 popup gifts:
The popup gifts are decorated with the inked paper and I had a little bow on its.

6200/0241, Blending mat
6002/0553, Cutting and Embossing stencil, 3D butterflies
6002/0450, Cutting Stencil, Tiny bows
6410/0417, Clear Stamp, Girls
8099/0253, Paperset linen structure, pink
8013/0024, Cardstock paper, white, A4
8099/0252, Paperset linen structure, purple

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