zondag 21 mei 2017

Vacantion tissue box

Hi there!

Today is the end of the tissues that you have in a small plastice bag. 
Here is a box to take with you your paper tissues:

Take a sheet 29,7 cm x 10,6cm and fold and cut like on the photo:

Glue the box together and decorate it.
Here are some details of the decoration:

Don't forget to add at the end the velcro to close the box.

·         6002/0647 Cuttingstencil - Alphabet
·         6002/0677 Cut-embos-debosstencil 3D - Car VW with suitcases
·         6002/0544 Cut-embos stencil - Border with leaves
·         6002/0700 Cut-embos Stencil set - Spring 15 pc.
·         6002/0646 Cut-embosstencil - Endless flowerborder
·         6002/0641 Cuttingstencil - Grass edge

·         6500/0070 Hook & Loop velcro band around 15mm

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