dinsdag 23 augustus 2016


It´s perfect to make cards for no other reason than to say hello. This one have a summer feeling to it. With the flowers and strawberrys.

Have a great day, hugs Johanna

6002/0579 Cut/ Embos stencil -Deco rectangle + frames
6004/0005 Cutting stencil flower/Clear stamp
6002/0553 3D Stencil - 2pcs. Butterflys
6002/0453 Cutting & Embossing stenci (3pcs) - berry sweet strawberry
6410/0018 Clearstamps -Welcome to this world (ENG)
6011/0063 Paperbloc - Paper & Pictures Floral
6011/0710 Paperbloc - Noor's Favourites

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