zondag 7 augustus 2016

Hello there...

Hello there!

This is a card with a surprise! Behind the butterfly is another message.
I used the so beautifull paper from the Rustic Wood paper bloc for the background.

The butterflies are made in 3 differents papers and the differents parts are glued in 3D.

The word "CarpeDiem" is cut one time in white, one time in pink. The pink one is glued on the white one a little bit misaligned.

* 6002/0553 3D Stencil - 2pcs. Butterflys
* 6002/0554 3D Stencil - Birds on Bough
* 6002/0537 Cutting & Embossing stencil - Blue mold swirls
* 6002/0364 Xoxo / carpe Diem
* 6011/0085 Paperbloc - Rustic wood
* 6020/0013 Self adhesive pearls
* 6200/0153 MDF label

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