zaterdag 16 juli 2016

Mini album in box...

Hi There!

Here is a nice mini album in a box. To do for every occasion, birthday, christmas, ...

The top of the is decorated with the snowflake dollie die. The flower was cut in white paper, then inked and crumpled, attached with a brad. When you are opening the top, you'll see the mini album inside.

The mini album is made with 2 xmas paper glued back on back. This new sheet is cutted in 2 rectangles of 9cm of high. Fold in 9cm squares, at the end you'll have a 3,5 x9cm rectangle. Use this part to join the accordeon. Side 1:

Side 2:

And with the little scrap I had I made 2 embellishments set to offer: 

* 6002/0547 Cutting, Embossing & Debossing Stencil, Snowflakes
* 6002/0548 Cutting, Embossing & Debossing Stencil, Pine Trees
* 6002/0555 Cutting, Embossing Stencil, Cardmodel
* 6002/0583 Cutting, Embossing Stencil, One kind of Christmas
* 6002/0584 Cutting, Embossing Stencil, One kind of Christmas
* 6003/0050 Cutting Stencil, Vintage Florishes Holly
* 6002/0490 Cutting Stencil, Basic ovales
* 6002/0489 Cutting Stencil, Basic rectangles
* 6002/0479 Cutting, Embossing Stencil, No end Boders
* 6003/0063 Cutting Stencil, Tickets
* 6410/0428 Clear Stamps, Pine trees
* 6011/0708  Paperblocks, Let it snow
* 6300/0330 Ribbons Natural Sense, Pink
* 6300/0331 Ribbons Natural Sense, Green
* 6002/0392 Cutting, Embossing Stencil, Sweet
* 6002/0488 Cutting Stencil,Basic hexagones

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