donderdag 23 juni 2016

Popcorn camp box...

Hi there!

If you go camping and you need popcorn boxes, here is the place for inspiration!

The firewood is cut, then colored, and embossed several times. The result is a nice ans shiny embellishment for the box.

On the oppisite side, I did the same techniq on the guitar: stamped it, colored it and embossed it.
On bottom of the box is glued grass all aound.

*  6002/0484 Cutting, embossing & debossing - Photo Frame (3pcs)
*  6002/0508 Cutting, embossing & debossing stencil - Campfire
*  6002/0562 Cutting & Embossing stencil - Border Oval
*  6004/0004 Cuttingstencil/Clearstamp barbecue paclage
*  6002/0137 Border grass (120x120mm)
*  8089/0244 Kraft paper - Black 30,5x15cm
*  8013/0024 Paper for cardmaking cardstock white
*  8013/0113 Metallic cardstock paper Copper A5

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