vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Fashion Card...

Hi there!

Today I am glad to share a card I made that make me think to my grand-mother who was seamstress.
The new sew and needles paper block is fantastic, you have every picture you need to do a fashion card!

The model's bust was stamped on a cream paper. The bustier was stamped 3 times on 3 differents papers: 1 cream and 2 patterned papers from the sew and needles paper bloc. I did cut the different parts of the bustier and glue it on the cream paper. The I did make holes and use some string to attache the bustier. On the top, I glued a ribbon to make the lace border of the clothe.

On the right of the card, notice the measuring tape. I did cut back to back 2 pieces of measurong tape cutted in the paterned paper, ink the sides, and roll the end (to make it easy to roll, I wet the paper with a wet cloth).

The embelleshments like the coil of wire, the thimble and the button come again from the patterned paper.

Finally, the 3D enveloppe was made with the new enveloppe tool from Joy!crafts.

* 6011/0317 paper block, Needles and pins
* 8099/0278 paper set linen, chocolate
* 6300/0342 Ribbon natural sense collection 2 set 3
* 6410/0060 clear stamp, Body
* 6300/0501 Jute ribbon set
* 6020/0020 self adhesive pearls black
* 6002/0379 cutting and embossing stencil, circle and corner
* 6002/0384 cutting stencil, roll up roses
* 8013/0031 cardstock cream paper
* 6200/0052 hole puncher
* 6200/0053 enveloppe maker folding board + punch corner

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