zondag 17 januari 2016

MDF horse album...

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to show you a mdf album on the horse thema. 

For the cover, I did put away the horse head shape and glue a patterned paper on the back.
The mdf is stamped with the wild africa stamp and the edges are inked.

Inside the album, I did reserve some place for photo and I use the color blocking to decorate.
The cowboys photos can be replace by other photos if you need it.  Notice the center of the flower, it is a bottle caps (6350/0306) fill with a picture cut in the west wild paper and fill with glossy accent.

* 8099/0278 paper set linin struture, dark brown
* 6410/0361 clear stamp, frameworks
* 6002/0490 Cutting and embossing dies, ovals
* 6410/0384 Clear Stamp, sport Horses
* 6011/0053 Paper bloc, Western Wild West
* 8013/0034 Cardstock, cream
* 6300/0501 Jute ribbon set
* 6002/0476 Cutting and embossing die, flower border
* 6011/0067 Paper block, good and old days
* 6002/0493 Cutting die, leaf
* 6350/0306 Charms
* 6002/0379 Cutting and embossing die, circle and corner
* 6020/0002 Self adhesives pearls
* 6002/0061 Cutting and embossing die, pockets pants set 2
* 6002/0423 Cutting and embossing die, cowboyand  boots
* 6002/0424 Cutting and embossing die, Horse and saddle
* 6410/0348 Clear stamp, Wild west
* 6200/0123 Bookbinders rings

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