dinsdag 8 december 2015

Endless horse card...

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you 2 horses cards. One is a endless card, the second one is made with the scrap that I had from the first one.

The endless card is a card that you're opening and opening again and again. It's a lot of fun to made.

 To do this card, you'll need:
* 4 rectangles 3" x 6"

* Fold each rectangle at 1"1/2 :
* Then turn 90° your paper and fold at 1"1/2 and at 4"1/2 for each rectangles.
* Align 2 rectangle verticaly. Glue the 4 externals corners. Glue the 2 last rectangle perpendiclar to the others rectangles. 
* Decorate. And Voilà!

 And here a card made with the paper and pictures that remains from the endless card:

* 6410/0384 Clear Stamp sport Horses
* 6300/0501 Jute ribbon set
* 8099/0278 Paper set linen structure dark brown
* 6011/0317 Paperbloc needles and pins
* 6002/0476 Cutting and embossing stencil Flower border
* 6002/0503 Cutting and embossing stencil Garden furniture
* 6002/0498 Cutting stencil Sport Horse 
* 6002/0483 Cuttins stencil Sport Horseman
* 6020/0002 Selfadhesives pearls
* 6013/0332 Die cut sheet horses
* 8013/0031 Paper cardstock for cardmaking, cream.


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  1. Beautifull card with a lot of extra work, it's great !!
    xx Wilma