zondag 25 juni 2017

Merry Christmas box

Hi everyone!

Today I would like toshare with you a merry box.
Easy to do, it would be a nice present for christmas.

First let see the outside of the box and what happen when you are opening it:

And here is the inside of the little kiosk:

As you can see, a star is fixed under the kiosk's roof and can move free.
All around of the kiosk are winter scene with trees, houses ans church.

To do this box, I did use the hexagon die as template to draw the base of the box.
Then I did draw the lines for the sides and cut the box.
I did the same for the kiosk:
To do the windows of the kiosk, I did use a rectangle die. 
It is time to glue the landscape and other decorations before to put the kiosk together. 
It is the top of the kiosk that keep the sides together.


6002/0697 Cuttingstencil - Winter Wishes – Landscape
6002/0762 Cut-embosstencil - Christmasstar with swirls
6002/0787 Cut-embos-debosstencil - Star filled
6002/0589 Cut-embos-debos stencil - Christmas balls (2pc)
6002/0584 Cut- Embossstencil - Christmasset 10 pcs
6002/0583 Cut- Embossstencil - Christmasset 10 pcs (home)
6002/2031 Cutting & Embossing dies (2) candles
6002/2039 Mery's Christmas wreath
6002/0784 Cut-embosstencil - Border fan
6002/0489 Cutting stencil – Rectangle
6002/6205 Baseline Cut-Embosstencil Bows (2pc)
6011/0520 Paperset - Merry Christmas
6013/0343 Cuttingsheets A4 - Happy Holidays
6020/0004 Self adhesive pearls
6002/0540 Cut-/Embosstencil background with holes
6002/0105 3 paper ball (3pc)

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