vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Windows watercolouring...

Hi Everyone!

Today, I would like to share a watercolor card mad with the new watercolor paper block from Joy!Crafts. 

With the aquarel watercolors and a make up sponge, I did color the watercolor paper in brown. Then I did the same with the blue color. Finally, I cutt the windows in the card.
The picture behind the windows come from the paperbloc under the tree. I did glue some 3D foams under the watercolor paper, center il over the picture, mat the whole with metallic silver paper.
Finally I did decorate with 2 corners ornements made with the very nice die circle round corner, and add some adhesive pearl.

I used the makeup sponge to ink with tha aquarel watercolors, because I found it easier than with the paintbrush. The paintbrush make lines and it is not always what we want. The best for you is to try the sponges or the paintbrush to see with which one you are more confortable.

* 6900/0102 Aquarel block, various designs
* 6200/0240 Aquarel watercolors
* 6002/0503 Cutting stencils, circle- round - corner
* 8013/0121 Metallic cardstock paper white
* 8013/0126 Metallic cardstock paper silver
* 6011/0076 Paper block, christmas
* 6011/0072 Paper block, under the tree

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