dinsdag 15 september 2020

Happy Monkey Birthday

 Hi Everyone!
Today, I would like to share a birthday card with you.
I used the new Jasper gear clear stamp set from Joy!crafts.
When I saw this set of stamps, I knew I should make something funny.
Monkeys love to play, so the card much have something funny too.
That's why I make a shaker card with tiny beads I had.
For the monkeys, I did stamp them on a glossy paper and then I used my copics to color them.
To give some dimension, I did glue 2 monkeys on 3D foam.
I tried the effect of the card on a pre-teen boy, he spent a long time playing with the shaker box, making noise or changing the background (here a mountain, now a lake,...)
To make the shaker box, I did cut a opened frame and glue in the back on it with strong double face some rhodoïd.
Then, I glued 3D foam all around the frame in the back. Do not leave space between 2 squares of 3D foam or the beads will go out of the shaker box.
* 6410/0516, Clear stamps, Jasper gear
* 6011/0665, paper set,  Wildflowers
* 6500/0003, 3D foam pads, 5mm
* 6500/0010, 3D foam pads, 2,5mm
* 6200/0053, Envelope maker tool.

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