dinsdag 28 juli 2020

De Sardi

Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to show you a layout made with 2 Z fold card.
There 6 photos on the page. I called it "De Sardi" because the boat is made with Sardi's boxes.

I used (again because I love it) the polybesa stencil Basic Shapes from Joy!crafts. I love this stencil because you can use it so many ways. This time, I choose the hexagon shape.
A magnet is glued behind the hexagon to keep the Z fold closed.
The magic appear when you're open it:
For the background, I did stamp in antique linen some text, and I added fishes. I didn't have Sardi stencils but the fishes stay in the same spirit.
And finally, I added some part of the sea framework stencil on each side on the front of the card.

6002/1476, Cut, deboss, embossing stencils, Vacation accessories
6002/1478, Cutting stencils, Sketch Art, Sea framework
6002/1477, Cutting stencil, Water line & bubbles
6002/0855, Polybesa stencil, Basic shapes
6320/0012 wood shapes, hexagons
6011/0648, Paper set, Mint paper

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