donderdag 4 juni 2020

A man's world

Hi there!

Today I am showing you a Z-card/mini album.
To do this card, I made my own embossing folder using one of the new stencil from Joycrafts!: the tie.

To make the embossing folder, I did cut several times the tie in kraft paper. You can cut it in any paper you want. If your paper is thin, you'll have to glue 3 ou 4 ties together. With classic cardstock paper, 2 times is enough. Then glue the ties on a cardstock paper. You can align it like me or glue it as random, as you wish.

When your embossing folder is done, use it as usual in your machine, if needed adapt the sandwich.

To put more light on the tie, I embroidered  it on the label on the front. 
Inside the card, are more photo.
To understand how is the card, it is important to see it from the top. It is on the left a Z-card with and extension on the right.
I did put 4 classic size photos inside, you can put more if they are smaller.
To decorate, I added some shapes made with the vacancies accessories stencils (6002/1476) and the sea framework (6002/1478).

- 6002/1479, Cut, Emboss, Deboss stencil, Road sign
- 6002/1477, Cutting stencil, Water lines and bubbles
- 6002/1511, Cut, Emboss, Deboss stencil, Men's accessories
- 6002/1478, Cutting stencils, Sea framework
- 6002/1476, Cut, Emboss, Deboss stencils, Vacancies accessories
- 6011/0661, Design Paper set, Gentlemen of fortune
- 6002/1432, Cutting stencils, Embroidery shapes
- 6002/1439, Cut, Emboss stencil, Bille's leave elegant 

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