zaterdag 8 februari 2020

Monogram birthday card

Hi there,

Today I am happy to share with you 3 monogram card.
3 mans in our family are born january 28th, that's why I made the same kind of card for each one of them, with differences of course.

For these card, the main dies I used was the embroidery shapes.
It 's a very useful dies. You can do what you want, a flower, a letter, ... , everything is possible.

Then I use the set of dies Dianthus flower. Actually this set allow you to do a flower with different size of petals. But I found the petals so good with the theme 30's (30's is the theme of my cards lol)

The color copper goes well with the theme too.
Each card has its own personality. The dies are so delicate that I used the glue sheet paper to add glue and the sticky tool to manipulate it. I recommend very much the glue sheets and the sticky tool, it's making the crafts so much easier!

*6002/1432, Cutting dies, Embroidery shapes
* 6002/1436, cut emboss deboss die, flower border
* 6002/1430, Cut Deboss dies, Dianthus flower
* 6002/1434, Cutting Die, Frame Milana
*6002/1423, Cut Deboss dies, Jugendstil Frame
* 8013/0133, Metallic cardstock paper, copper
* 8013/0031, paper for cardmaking, cream
* 6002/0799, Cutting dies, Noor!, Alphabet banners

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