donderdag 17 oktober 2019

Noël home deco

Hi There!

Today I would like to share with you an home deco I made to put on my front door for this Christmas.
It is a big flower made with cloth pins that I stamped with Christmas messages and I glued on it some decorations.

The main decoration is made with the half of the Christmas tree plastic box.
I made a winter scene inside this half tree with reindeer, trees and snow.
There are more reindeer on small circles at the bottom left. I put them on Christmas bass that I die cut with the last Christmas ball die from Joy!, I did cut the original village, put a cream circle as background.

On this closer view, You can see the detail of a reindeer. I did ink the sides and with a coffee marker I did redraw the emboss part.

* 6002/1347, Cut Emboss Deboss Die, Christmas Ball with landscape
* 6410/0486, Clear Stamp, Little Happiness, Flying Fairy
* 6410/0487, Clear  Stamp, Little Happiness, Fairy Standing
* 6002/1350, Cut Emboss Dies, Forest Deer
* 6002/1349, Cut Emboss Dies, Little Deers
* 6211/0003, Christmas Tree transparent
* 6011/0404, Paper set, Secret Garden
* 6002/0697, Cutting Die, Winter Wishes, Landscape
* 6002/1330, Cutting Dies, Jocelijne, Jingle ornaments
* Cloth pins of course!

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