zondag 1 september 2019

The life in blue...

Hi everyone!

Today, you'll see blue! I use this color as the main color of my layout today. First because it's the color of the sea and it is photo of a seaport, so it's logic, then, because I had still some paper from the seaworld collection and I really LOVE this paper desgin.

On this layout I used some product I am fan of: the clear stamp from the "under thsea" collection (who can resist to this octopocus?!), the flower die "Summer vibes" (I don't know if I prefer the flower or the leaves, both are great), and finally the geometric corners, all news, but so usefull and nice.

First, I add some inks on the cardstock with a paintbrush.
Then, I cut some 4,5cm squares in the Seaworld paper.
The trick is to perfectly align the squares, it's very important to go slowly for that.

Then I add a dot line around the squares, glued the corners and the flower.
The photo is mat with black paper and more photo are inside the folded paper.
To keep it close properly, I added magnets (you can see the black rectangles on the photo: there are the magnets).


·         6002/1311, Cutting Die, Sketch Art, Geometric Corners
·         6002/1345, Cut Emboss Deboss Die, Back to School
·         6011/0625, Paperset, Seaworld
·         6002/1290, Cut Emboss Die, Summer Vibes, Flowers
·         6410/0405, Clear Stamp, Under the sea, octopocus
·         8013/0031, Paper for cardmaking, cream

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