dinsdag 16 juli 2019

La vie est belle

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a card made with the new pink flamingo paper set from Joy!Crafts.

Like you can see, there are a opened frame in the middle of the card. I did recover it by rodhoid, like that, I was able to glue the cat and the dragonfly on it.

To glue the rodhoid, I did :
- first cut the frame
- glue some strong double face around the frame,
- glue the rodhoid,
- cut the same frame in patterned paper
- glue the patterned paper over the rodhoid.

To be clear, I did took some photos of the process.

On the last photo you can see I did cut some leaves and flowers in the patterned paper.
I used it to decorate the front of my card and add a flower in the hair of the litlle girl and on the cat's head. What is great with the patterned paper is that you can cut the image and do whatever you want with it.

* 6002/1293, Cut Emboss Die, Drangofly
* 6002/1321, Cutting Die, Dear Kitty cat
* 6002/1320, Cutting Die, Anna & Tim
* 6011/0624, Design paper, Pink Flamingo
* 8002/0100, Mica-Ransparent Sheets
* 8200/0012, Chalk securit, White marker
* 6500/0024, FoamTape 1mm
* 6500/0034, Glue Sheets A5
* 6500/0122, Tacky Tape 6mm

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