zondag 2 december 2018

Surprise cards...

Hi everyone!
Today I am sharing 2 surprise sliding cards. I had so much fun doing it!
You don't need any special die to do it just choose the one you're like.

The first card have a pull tab on the right. Pull it and the hiding bunny appear.
I used the dies from Joy!Crafts. Most of them come from the Dendennis 's collection.

The second card look like a classic winter scene. But then....

a lovely girl skating came out and an happy new year.

On this little video you can see the magic when you're pulling the tab:

* 6002/1053, Cut emboss die, Market stall
* 6002/1056, Cut emboss deboss die, Ice skates
* 6011/0592, Paper Set, Winter time 
* 6410/0494, Clear stamps, Winterfun

* 6002/1170, Cut emboss die, Magic unicorn
* 6002/1055, Cut emboss die, Figure skating lady
* 6002/1098, Cutting die, noor, Circleswirl
* 6002/1169, Cut emboss die, Florristic art
* 6002/1154, Cutting die, Endless crackle rosette
* 6011/0593, Paper set, Happy Travel
* 6002/3126, Cutting dies, Dendennis, Bunny
* 6002/3133, Cutting dies, Dendennis, Baby feet
* 6002/3135, Cutting dies, Dendennis, Baby Pacifier -bib
* 6002/0777, Cutting die, Pine trees
* 6002/0697, Cutting die, Winterwishes, Landscape  

* 6003/0051, Cutting die, Snowflakes
* 6410/0324, Clear Stamps, Text das has toll gemacht (DE)

* 6410/0124, Clear Stamps, Christmas.

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