maandag 30 april 2018

A little word

Hi there!

Today I would like to share a nice card in the blue tones. The theme is the butterflies, probably because of the spring.

I used the paper set design flowers for the background and the die cut. The butterflies (the big on and the on that is on the child hand) are cut in blue glitter paper.
Every die cut is inked on the side in photo vintage.

I really like the new square butterfly die, it's looking like lace, it's wonderfull!
For the border on the right, I cut it one time in the Design Flowers paper and one time in cream paper. I just cut the butterflies from the cream paper and glue them on the blue one.


-          6002/0987, Cuttingstencil, Square Butterfly with frame
-          6002/1042, Cut-embosstencil, Border Butterfly
-          6002/0553, 3D stencil, 2pcs, Butterflys
-          6002/0641, Cuttingstencil, Grass
-          6011/0530, Paperset, Design Flowers
-          6002/1031, Cut-embosstencil, Little boy with butterfly
-          8011/0652, Glittercarton, blue
-          8089/0203, Kraft paper A4, 300gr

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