zondag 4 maart 2018


Hi there!

Today I will show you how to do a chocolate box.
For this one, I use the so beautifull flower paper set from Joy!crafts

To start, you should make the box itself:
* cut 1 rectangle 21x25cm fold on the dot lines and cut on the plain lines. The opposite sides are fold and cut in miror.

Here are the steps how to do the box:

Now you just have to put some chocolate inside and offer it.

·         6002/0996, Cuttingstencil, Mery’s circle waveborder
·         6011/0530, Paperset, Design Flowers
·         6002/1024, 3D cut emboss debosstencil, Hitstones
·         6011/0546, Paperset, Matchingcolors uni, Wellness
·         6003/2018, Pop up Cuttingstencil, Love

·         6200/0053, Envelope maker folding board

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