zondag 18 februari 2018

Happy Birthday Accordeon card

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you the birthday card I made for my DS.
I did choose the stamp set with bears to have a soft vibe.
For the colors, I choose the green and the brown to keep a masculin touch.

The decor paper is inked in green, the I put some perfect pearls on it and finally embossed it.
The bears are colored with the brushmarker from winsor & Newton.
On the right of the photo above, the Happy birthday is cut in white paper, this paper was covered with double adhesive before to die cut it.
You can open the flap and you'll have:

...3 lucky shamrocks and a lezard.
The full look of the other side othe card:
On the left is a pocket. It is where I hide the cash.
And finally the sentence "there is no little dreams" is a reference to his studies.

·         6410/0460, Clearstamp, Teddy Bear
·         6410/0459, Clearstamp, Parrot and flowers
·         6002/0996, Cuttingstencil – Mery’s circle waveborder
·         6002/0972, Cut Embosstencil – Floral Florishes – Chrysanthemum
·         6003/2016, Pop up cuttingstencil – 4 Leaf clover
·         6002/0667, Cuttingstencil – Happy Birthday
·         6002/0959, Cuttingstencil – Lizard
·         6002/0962, Cuttingstencil – Back and festoon
·         6410/0316, Clear Stamps – there are no little dreams
·         6002/0963, Cut emboss debosstencil, pattern with cubes
·         6002/0621, Ply Besa background (embossing) Background lines
·         8013/0023, Paper for cardmaking cardstock white
·         C0204228, Brushmker, vert luxuriant

·         C0204223, Brushmaker, vert menthe

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