zondag 12 november 2017

Christmas gifts...

Hi there!

What about christmas gifts? Did you started already? I did!
I fall in love with the new leave die from Joy!crafts, so delicate, so nice, that I use it for my Mom gift.

First, the card. I made it simple, because the dies are so beautifull that you don't need a lot of embellishments. I die cut the leave in dark red (double adhesive craft tape in the back of the paper before to die cut). Then I glue it on the card and glue a cotton butterfly on it.
On the side, I use the new border die (Netedge with flowers) in white.
To add a more personnal touch, I did handwritting "for you" and glue a pen die cut in kraft on the side to look like if I used it to write the sentence.

For the gift bag, I die cut again a dark red leave and glue it on the kraft die cut plain leave.
I added a label that I attached with a string behind the heart.
Then I added a lace cotton heart on the leave and glue it all on the gift bag.

  • 6002/0956 Cuttingstencil - Birch leaf
  • 6002/0974 Cut-embosstencil - Netedge with flowers
  • 6002/0977 Cut-embosstencil - Digitbanner
  • 6371/0004 Cotton Harts with lace
  • 6371/0002 Cotton Butterfly
  • 6004/0012 Cut-embosstencil & Stamp - Brush/Pens/Envelope/Letter
  • 6500/0031 Double side adhesive craft tape

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