woensdag 25 oktober 2017

Christmas box

Hi there!

Today, I would like to share how to do thise very nice box for Christmas.
It can be used as table decoration or just as a gift, your choice.

To do this box, you'll nedd a kraft sheet 14,7 x 21cm (2 boxes in an A4 paper)
Follow the picture below (fold on dot lines, cut on plain lines)

Punch 2 holes on the top triangle 1 1/8". You can put a stick, a straw or a lollipop in the holes.
Glue the sides of the box and you'll have:

6002/0937, Cutting Stencil, Mon ami Rudolph
8089/0203,Corrugated Cardboard, Kraft
6002/2034, Stencil and embossing stencil, Winter wishes, gloves and hat
6002/0401, Cutting stencil, Basic shape, Scallop
6500/0121, Super sticky tape 3mm
6002/0402, Cutting Stencil, Basic shape, circles

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