woensdag 27 september 2017

Christmas card

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share a christmas card that is opening in an unusual way.
I use the hang die to do the closing of my card. I really enjoy to use this die to close the cards.

The inside of the card is a litlle scene made with the christmas  dies from Joy!crafts.
I did cut the house in 2 colors to have the house in cream and the hearts in red.

At the bottom of the car, is a pocket where you can slide a gift card in it as a gift.

6002/0683, Cutting Stencil, Merry Christmas
6002/0778, Cutting Stencil, Happy Holidays, elk
6002/0777, Cutting Stencil, Happy Holidays, pine trees
6004/0001, Clear Stamps & stencils, movie tickets
6002/0402, Cutting Stencil, Basic shape, circles
6002/0583, Cutting & Embossing Stencil, One kind of Christmas
6002/0411, Cutting &Debossing Stencil, Hang system
6002/0595, Cutting Stencil, Flower around
6011/0531, Paper set, Secret Garden
6002/0647, Cutting Stencil, Alphabet
8013/0034, Cardstock crème

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