donderdag 2 maart 2017

Baby bloc box

Hi there!

Let me show you a baby bloc that is in reality a box.

I used the new paper bloc "La vie est belle" from Joy!crafts.

Each side is decorated and the top can be open so you can hide a gift inside.

· 6002/0622 Polybesa stencil, Flowers
· 6011/0384 Paperbloc, La vie est belle – little miracle
· 6002/0638 Cutting embossing Stencil, One of a kind baby
· 6002/0559 Cutting embossing Stencil,, Baby
· 8099/0111 Corragured Cardboard, cream
· 6002/0642 Cutting embossing Stencil, Hearts
· 6002/0409 Cutting embossing Stencil, Baby bears

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