zondag 18 december 2016

Black and white...

Hello everyone! 
Today card is a only 2 colors card. What could be more graphic than a B&W card?
I used this model for the card itself, and close it with a paper ring around the card.

The card and its closing  ring:

 In the inside of the card, all the decorations were cut in black paper with doubleside adhesive craft tape in the back. The decorations are easier to glue this way, it is like stickers.

* 6002/0499 Cutting & embossing stencil, Baby shower
* 6002/0631 Cutting stencil, frame and angle
* 6011/0391 Paper Block, Baby
* 6011/0040 Paperbloc baby pink
* 8089/0203 Kraft paper, A4
* 8013/0034 Paper for cardmaking cardstock crème
* 6002/0557 Cutting stencil, Gerti's Butterfly
* 6002/0579 Cutting & embossing Stencil, Frame and labels
* 6002/0313 Cutting & embossing stencil,  Gerti's Flowers
* 1201/0093 Cutting & embossing stencil, Butterflies
* 6200/0053 Envelope maker Folding Board + Corner punch

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautifull card in black and white, I like it! Greetz Betha

  2. Een prachtige kaart! Ik kan echter het nummer van het eerste stencil, die met de vlinders in de hoeken niet vinden. Kunnen jullie me helpen? Ik vind hem zo mooi!
    Fijne dag, groetjes, Thea