zondag 21 augustus 2016

Bullet journal...

Hi everyone!

Do you know the Bullet Journal? It was developed by Ryder Carroll and it is a great organizing tool. I have several in one year, not too heavy, goes in my bag.

I have to start a new one for august. So I decided to recover it with the new lavender papers from Joy!crafts. To glue the cover, I  used the double side adhesive craft sheet. It is fantastic and so easy to cover a notebook with this tool:

Peel it, glue it:

 And for the dragonfly border, I glue some double adhesive craft tape behind the paper before to die cut. I did have then a sticker border, easy to glue on the cover.

Inside the bullet journal, I did made an envelop (with the envelop tool) to keep papers:

And finally the back:

* 6002/0579 Cut/ Embos stencil -Deco rectangle + frames
* 6002/0585 Cut/ Embos stencil - No end border with squares
* 6011/0501 Paperset - Lavender
* 6410/0430 Clear stamp - Trees, ladybird, dragonfly
* 6500/0031 Doublesided adhesive craft tape
* 6500/0032 Doublesided adhesive craft sheets A5
* 6002/0571 Cut/Embos stencil - Endless border
* 8013/0011 Cardboard intensive colours
* 6020/0002 Self adhesive pearls
* 6200/0053 Envelope maker Folding Board + Corner punch

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