zondag 26 juni 2016

Happy new Year!

Hi everyone!

Did you try the new circles stamps from Joy!crafts? The are fantastic. The circle is a base of plenty of drawings, here I use it for chinese lanterns.

Find below the tutorial how to stamp these chinese lanterns with the circles stamps:
Then I did punch some holes with the hole puncher to "draw" a swirl. I love doing that, it is so much fun!

* 6410/0389 Clear Stamps, Rounds
* 6004/0001 Clear Stamps/stencil, movie tickets
* 6410/0318 Clear Stamps, Love Home
* 8089/0244 Kraft paper, Black
* 8013/0034 Cardstock for cardmaking, cream
* 6200/0052 Hole puncher
* 8013/0134 Metallic paper, red
* 6350/0301 Charms, Metallic

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Superleuk bedacht! Hoe kom je erop!

  2. Wat een super goed idee....en het resultaat is prachtig!
    Groetjes Diny