zondag 20 maart 2016

Princess Castle...

Hi There!

Today I will bring you to a fantasy world of princess and castle. The castle was made with the new lantern die from Joy!crafts. I use one lantern for each tower and 2 for the central tower.

The door and the windows were stamped with the vintage home clear stamp, cutted and glued on the tower.

The castle and the wagon are glued on a patterned paper itself glued on gray board.

The roof is made with a basic circle: cut the radius of it, glue to make a cone.
The fence is clipsed in the lanterns slot. The top of one fence is use to do the border of the big tower as on the thrid photo.

Closer view:

* 6002/3007 Cutting & Embossing stencil - Lantern Sybille
* 6410/0395 Clear Stamps - Vintage Homes
* 6011/0314 Paperbloc - Budding Spring
* 6002/0402 Basic 4 pieces
* 6002/0372 Fence
* 6002/0503 Cutting & Embossing stencil - Garden furniture
* 8089/0301 Gray board
* 6002/0352 Wagon
* 6002/0437 Cutting & Embossing stencil - Spring love
* 6002/0452 Cutting & Embossing stencil (5pcs) - sunflower
* 6002/0353 Tiara and mirror
* 6020/0002 Self adhesive pearls
* 6370/0062 Artificial flowers

Thanks for looking!


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