woensdag 11 november 2015

Storage for Pocket letters...

Hi everyone!

I have a new passion: the pocket letters. It is why I made this box. Inside I keep the cards 9x6.5cm I precut, the ATC paper blocs, embellissements,... everything that could be used for a pocket letter.

Inside I made compartiments for the cards, ATC papers, embellisements.
Notice that the compartiment for the cream cards has a moving back. Like that, when there are not anymore a lot of cards, I am pulling the ribbon on the top at the cards're raising up.

* Cutting & Embossing stencil - Edge stencils 6002/0479
* Paperbloc - Let it snow 6011/0708
* Kraft paper 8089/0203
* Paper for cardmaking cardstock crème 8013/0031
* Gray board 8089/0301
* Glitter cardboard A4 - set 2 8011/0602
* Organza 3mm box a 5 rol pastel 6300/0004

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