maandag 12 oktober 2015

Autumn Card...

Hi there!
I just love the colours of the autumn. Its so strong colours and its nice to look at when it is getting darker outside. This card is a really autumn one.

Material list:
6011/0083 Autumn Bloc
6011/0309 Autumn paper Bloc
6002/0471 Stencil Autumn
6002/2052 Stencil Mery´s Stripes
1201/0039 stencil Lin & Lene, big corner inside
6002/0333 Stencil Autumn leafs
6002/0317 Stencil Autumn border
6410/0370 Autumn Clear Stamps
6370/0068 Artificial Flowers
8089/0243 Cardstock black
3500/0215 Tacky glue

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