maandag 17 augustus 2015

Winter wonderland...

Hi there.
Today I show a wintercard using lots of firs. To get them shining I have used Metallic cardstock of some of them.

Material list:
8089/0203 Kraft paper
8013/0101 Metallic Cardstock
6011/0319 Shabby Christmas Paper bloc
6410/0124 Clear Stamps Winter Wishes Stars
6002/2056 Stencil Happy Holidays Chrsitmas trees
6002/2042 Stencil Noor! Winter Wishes Circle Stars
6002/2019 Stencil Noor! Winter Wishes, Star
6002/2036 Stencil Icecles
6002/2021 Winter Wishes, border
6300/0329 Ribbon

Take care and thanks for looking.

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