maandag 24 augustus 2015

Frozen box...

Hi everyone!

Today inspiration come from the Star border die. This cylinder box goes very well with the shape of the star border. I recovered the bow with the lovely shabby christmas paper and then I did cut 2 times the star border in the miror pink paper. I glued the first border under the dome, around the folded flower, Then, I glued the second one on the lid: to do that, I did put the lid over the top without the pastic dome; when it was glued in place, I did cut the exess.
Notice that I put a snowflake as flower center and beads under the dome.

For the sides of the box, I used the fantastic icicle die that I cut in white paper. I decorate too with the stars that are scrap from the star die.
 Inside the box are xmass cards. There are made with metallic paper.

The fisrt one was made with the wreath die: I did cut it one time in foam, one time old pink paper. I glued the paper die on the foam die cut and finally together on the card. The reindeer was cut in another metallic paper just a little bit lighter than the card. I made the eyes with a drop of tacky glue.

For the second card, I used again the miror pink paper like for the star border. I didn't want to add a string to attach the ornements because I will already do it for the inside of the card, so I decide to use the little bow die that I love so much.

The inside of the card is with ornements on a string attached on each side.
On the left, I did stamp 2 tree on linen in black. Then, I did paint the inside of each tree with versamark (with a marker), and finally I used chalk to color the inside of the trees. 

* Cutting & Embossing stencil - Tulip 6002/0470
* Cutting & Embossing stencil - star border 6002/2042
* Clear stamps - Christmas 6410/0124
* Snowflakes 3 6002/2001
* Rand icicles 6002/2036
* Baubles 6002/2030
* Reindeer 6002/2029
* Wreath 6002/2040
* Border christmas leaf 6002/2041
* Text merry christmas (ENG) 6410/0118
* Stamp linen A5 6410/0100
* Paperbloc - Shabby Christmas 6011/0319
* Metallic cardstock paper Silver 15x30cm 8013/0126
* Metallic cardstock papier Zilver 15x30cm 8013/0126
* Mirror carton pastel 10 sheet of assorted 8011/0107
* E.v.a. foam 1 mm 8100/0001
* Selfadhesive pearls rose 6020/0016
* Ribbons handmade collection 2 - set 1 6300/0332
* Decorative chalks bright art 6200/0206

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  1. Very beautiful box!! So creative! And both the cards are lovely !

  2. Wow, eine wunderschöne Frozen Box hast du gestaltet. Ich bin ganz begeistert. Es gibt so viel zu entdecken.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi