zondag 17 mei 2015

Masking tape dispenser...

Hi everyone!

Did you already asking you how to store your masking tapes?  Well I did and I finally create this little beach house as a masking tape dispenser and more.

This beach house is made with gray board. To keep the making tape in place, I did used a plastic tube, the one that you have when you're buying a balloon. The 2 drawers were made with matches boxes. For the roof, under the picture, I glued a magnetic sheet et put more magnetic sheet in the back of the clothespin (I always need clothespins for cardboarding).  Finally, a little pocket is on the side for the cissors to be able to cut the masking tape.

* Cutting & Embossing stencil - Seashore 6002/0419
* Paperbloc - At the sea 6011/0312
* Paperbloc - Under the Sea - Paper & Pictures 6011/0057
* Paperbloc - Vintage wood 6011/0702
* Metal Charms (60pcs) 6350/0311
* Gray board 8089/0301

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