zondag 19 april 2015


The new flowers clear stamps from Joy!crafts inspired me a project about an herbarium in a box.
I used again the fabulous A4 kraft paper to build the box (like a pizza box).
The background was stamped and then ink to make it look a bot older.
I did stamp the flower with a ink just a little darker than the background.
The image stamped, the metalic flower charm have to be attached before to glue the paper on the top of the box. 

Inside the box is glued a accordeon book to glue later the dried flowers. The box stay closed by a leaves ribbons.

* Clear stamps - flower Article number: 6410/0337
* Clear stamp - background Article number: 6410/0301
* Kraft PapierA4 29,7 x 21 cm, 25 vel, 300gr Article number: 8089/0203
* Ribbons Natural sense collection 1 - set 2 Article number: 6300/0321
* Metal Charms (6st) Article number: 6350/0307
* Metal Charms (60st) Article number: 6350/0311
* Metal Charms (6st) Article number: 6350/0308
* Paperbloc - Everyday - Paper & Pictures Article number: 6011/0060

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