zaterdag 25 april 2015


Hi everyone! 

Today I propose to you a cookie basket! Very easy to do and so yummy...
I used the so nice basket texture paper and the must to do kraft paper for the base.

First, I did cut a square in the kraft paper and fold every border at 6cm. Then, I cup an hole in each middle corner to attach the ribbon.
The decoration are cute bunnies, colored with markers, glued in 3D. The bottle die is nice too because it is very easy to put a flower in the bottle. 

* Kraft paper 8089/0203
* Cutting & Embossing stencil (2pcs) - Spring rabbits 6002/0436
* Articifial flowers 6370/0060
* Paperbloc - Happy bloc 6011/0066
* Bottle (2pcs) and label 6002/0345
* 3 flowers 6002/0355
* Basic 4 pieces 6002/0402
* Ribbon sheer check jacquarded 6300/0261

Thanks for looking,

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