zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Fishing Fun...

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you a fishing fun gift card.
There are only one fisherman in my family and I wanted to do something special and funny for him.

For the little boxes I did use piece of wood that I cut but you can have the same result with the gray board. It is in fact the gray board I will use next time because it is easier to do!
Then I did cut the card in half and a square frame in the blue card from the card and enveloppe set (8001/0002).
The colors of these cards are soft, lovely and it's very nice to work with.
Then I use the papers from the baby bear bloc (6011/0041) to do the sides of a box and I use the second part of the card to do the back of the box.
Finally, I did glue the shadow box I did myself in the middle.
For the stamps: I did stamp on white paper, color it, cut it and glue on the card. The boots are cut in metallic paper.

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