zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

Card to a princess

Hi everyone,

Today I show a birthday card to a cute little girl. I have used the lovely Stagecoach together with lot of
Joys! products.

Happy Bloc´s 6011/0038
Glitterkarton 8011/0603
Stencil Little Princess 6002/0352
Stencil Little Princess 6002/0353
Clearstamps ENG Buttons 6410/0096
Clearstamps Typewriter Keys 6410/0078
Roses 6370/0053  6370/0060
Flowers 6370/0055
Stencil Vintage Borders 6002/0365
Stencil Vintage Borders 6002/0366
Stencil Noor! 6002/0361
Metal Charms heart 6350/0104

Have a nice day,

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