zondag 11 augustus 2019

Christmas pop up cube

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to show you a nice card to do for christmas, it is a pop-up cube.
I found the template on the Lori Whitlock shop. I really like the idea to hide a cube in a pocket.
When you're pulling it out of the pocket, the cube take his cube shape (becaus of a elastic inside it).

I make the pocket simple (it's small so I can not put too much). I used the new christmas tree die for the main decoration. I did cut it in 3 kind of colors and mixed them.

For the cube, I did decorate it with the Jungle Bell paper set.
I did cut the sentences "Best Year" , "winter greetings", .... in the design paper.

It's really funny to do and you can do this pop-up cube for any occasion.
Your turn now!

- 6011/0610, Design paper set, Jungle Bells
- 6002/1312, Cutting Die, Sketch art, Christmas tree
- 8089/0204, Paper kraft
- 6002/0683, Cutting Die, Texte M. Christmas with snowflakes
- 6500/0034, Glue sheet, A5

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