donderdag 19 januari 2017

Postcard from France...

Hi everyone!

I really love the new die mailbox from Joy!crafts.
I used it here with the eiffel tower as a symbol of France.

The post card and the green background come from the paperblock "Dudes"(la vie est belle).
For the envelope, I did cut a little square and fold it as an envelope.
The Mery's swirl were cut in a paper which one I glued some double face in the back, like that I had a stickers and not only a die. This techniq make the swirls easier to glue.


* 6002/0657, Cutting Stencil, Mery’s Swirls gracefully
* 6003/3002, Cutting & Embossing Stencil, Little Happiness Postbox
* 6002/0486, Cutting & Embossing Stencil, Eiffel Tower
* 6011/0381, Paperblock with labels, La vie est belle- cool dudes
* 6002/0379, Cutting & Embossing stencil, Stencil circle and corner
* 8001/0013, Card & Envelopes, Kraft, 12x12cm
* 6370/0050, artificials flowers, White
* 6003/0046, Cutting Stencil, Vintages Flourishes
* 8013/0175, Cardstock for cardmaking, orange
* 8089/0241, Cardstock for Cardmaking, Black

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