zondag 6 november 2016

Baby shower mini album...

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you the mini album that goes in the house box that you can see here.
I did mixed up the new baby paper bloc and the baby pink paper bloc as for the house.

The pages are folders I made with the corner punch of the envelope tool. You can add as much pages you want.
Here is a look on the inside of the album:
2nd cover + page1 + Page 2&3
Mini album on the house box, ready to go inside, Pages 6&7 + Pages 10&11
 On course, because it is a baby shower gift, the photos are not yet there. The mom will just have to put the photos inside the album. 

Tip of the day:
How to do a folder with the corner punch:

* 6002/0499 Cutting & embossing stencil, Baby shower
* 6002/0631 Cutting stencil, frame and angle
* 6011/0391 Paper Block, Baby
* 6011/0040 Paperbloc baby pink
* 8089/0203 Kraft paper, A4
* 8013/0034 Paper for cardmaking cardstock crème
* 6002/0557 Cutting stencil, Gerti's Butterfly
* 6002/0579 Cutting & embossing Stencil, Frame and labels
* 6002/0313 Cutting & embossing stencil,  Gerti's Flowers
* 1201/0093 Cutting & embossing stencil, Butterflies
* 6200/0053 Envelope maker Folding Board + Corner punch

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