woensdag 27 juli 2016

Sea bag...

Hi there!

Today I would like to share a sea bag. Very easy to do, decorated with the new sea dies from Joy!crafts.

The emboss part of the dies are inked in brown. The octopocus is glued in 3D.
The bubbles in white are made with the polybesa stencils and modeling paste.

* 6002/0495 Cutting and embossing stencil, Driftwood
* 6002/0497 Cutting and embossing stencil, Octopocus, turtle and shark
* 6002/0535 Cutting and embossing stencil, square braces
* 6002/0822 Polybesa template, multi Cirkles and Squares + rhombus
* 6011/0710 PaperBloc, Noor's Favorites
* 8013/0034 Paper for cardmaking, cream
* 8089/0203 Kraft paper

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