maandag 22 februari 2016

Memories last forever...

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to show you another techniq to use withe the aquarel watercolors.

To color this card, I used an old toothbrush, then I did spray some water on the colors I wanted to use. I think you find out the next steps: I did take the color with the toothbrush and spray it over the card. My thimb was pretty much brown then blue but the resuld worth it.
When the paint was dry, I use a wet cloth to clean up the text.

* 6900/0102 Aquarel block, various designs
* 6200/0240 Aquarel watercolors
* 6011/0067 Paper block, good and old days
* 6002/0504 Cutting and Embossing stencil, Garden furniture
* 8089/0242 Kraft paper, black
* 6002/0381 Cutting and embossing stencil, open heart and butterfly
* 6020/0008 Selfadhesives pearls, light blue


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